The BMW X4 Guide

Introducing the BMW X4 SUV

Guide Version: 1.0. This guide was created on 08-28-2015 and updated monthly with new information.

For that fast, premium SUV with a good driving impression, nothing would be better than the BW X4.

The auto industry has now passed its apogee; and progress has never been rife as it is now today. While the Bavarian automaker continues to create new automotive that transforms into niche, along comes the BMW X4; a crossover SUV body with a coupe-like styling. Looking sportily than most luxury crossovers, the diminished utility is one key ingredient that drivers have noticed greatly.

The BMW X4 shares the basic platform to BMW’s previous X3, sitting just 1.5 inches wider and lower. Giving the X4 that dynamic stance is the fastback-style roof line, short overhangs, and a drooping long hood. You’ll get boosted performance whether you’d like to choose the turbocharged four- or six-cylinder. It’s notably more of a sport coupe rather than a sport utility, one drawback to a seemingly impressive crossover. Although the handling capabilities of the BMW X4 are not as sharp as well-known sport coupes, they should still suffice the driving experience expected by most.

What You Need To Know About the BMW X4


The BMW X4 offers three diesel engines; the 20d which has a one 2.0-litre unit and the 30d and 35d which offers two 3.0-litre units. The most impressive among the bunch can be the 30d. Pulling strongly from just 1700rpm, it’s an impressively quick drive that doesn’t puff at higher revs, which also provides effortless flexibility. The eight-speed automatic can be praised for this marvelous sensation of speed. When asked for a sudden burst of acceleration, the brilliant transmission rarely gets left behind. Sharply moving through gears is also one of its stronger points along with how it deals with shifting very smoothly.

For the fuel economy of the BMW X4, the 28i gets 23mpg combined while the 35i gets an efficiency of 22mpg combined, all estimated by the EPA. No matter how infuriating it can be all X4s have the automatic stop-start function to save gas. This works by shutting off the engine whenever your foot is off the gas.


The xDrive 28i of the BMW X4 is impressive, hands down. Whether you’re running up on an on-ramp to merge to a freeway or just jockeying downtown traffic, both can be easily surmounted by the BMW X4. Paired with their on-point automatic and smooth-shifting, the turbo-4 packs which BMW regards as a “base” surely holds a thunder underneath the hood, which makes you wonder if it was a typo to call it as such. We don’t advice anyone to opt in for the pricier turbo-6 for the xDrive35i. Given that the turbo-4’s refined and eager nature is more than enough. However, you can’t really go wrong on either choice.

During fast cornering it stays admirably fat, but when it comes to bends, it turns crispier than most big coupes should. Again, the ride is nothing but impressive. The optional damper control of the BMW X4 is an undeniably great choice. It guarantees that your ride, even on pock-marked roads or even in low speeds, will stay on the comfortable, firm side.


To ensure that you can easily get comfortable, the steering wheel and the driver’s seat have been well adjusted. For visibility, average is how we sum it up; the narrow rear window and thick pillars obstruct your over-the-shoulder view, but a great commanding view of the road ahead is a guarantee. Audio and climate controls come as a breeze, together with the simple interface of the rotary dials. The rest of its dashboard has the essence of well-organized as well.

For the front occupants, space on offer will be the least of their complaints. In the back, up to two adults are given enough leg-, head, and shoulder room; however due to the transmission tunnel, three would probably be a squeeze, not cramped but not too comfortable.


Safety equipment on the BMW X4 that comes standard are the usual: airbags, stability controls, disc brakes—the works. The BMW Assist eCall that includes an emergency assistance button and automatic collision notification also comes standard.

To mitigate any further damage, their system also applies a direct brake whenever a frontal collision is detected.


ENGINE TYPE: turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve inline-6, aluminum block and head, direct fuel injection

HORSEPOWER: 300 hp @ 6000 rpm

TORQUE: 300 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm

FUEL ECONOMY- 19/27 mpg

TRANSMISSION- 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode



DRIVE TYPE: 4-wheel-drive,

TOP SPEED- 144 mph

0-60MPH- 5.2 sec

Price: $48,925 (base)


Through the cleverness of their compromise, the SUVs are now being well known as the fast ones in the market with a touch of exceptional handling.

The handling and pace prowess now exceeds the expectation of drivers and reaches a customary achievement. A wide-angled success awaits the multitude of features that holds bearing for the excellent SUV.

With their range of solid interior, dash of exclusivity, and a great powertrain, BMW X4 has greatly polished their affinity for superior vehicular excellency. Comeliness, a dynamic pedigree, and flexibility are also some superior trade-off that the SUV possess, as missed by its rivals.

Surely better than the X6 and more desirable, the BMW X4 ranks as their middle-of-the-road option.

While not surely as light on its feet as the competitive SUVs manufactured by the same automaker, it can still deliver enough sport for most enthusiasts, a result of a confident direction and ride control even over broken pavement. But out in the highway, the BMW X4 easily gobbles up miles, a great choice for long road trips.


√ Distinctive design

√ Powerful and efficient engine

√ Comfortable ride

√ Solid construction



× Tight backseat

×Small cargo area

× Limited visibility

× No petrol engine variants