The BMW M6 Guide

Introducing the BMW M6

Guide Version: 1.0. This guide was created on 09-18-2015 and updated monthly with new information.

In the realm of automotive, the BMW M6 is a standout among the variant of coupes. With the luxurious trim, prodigious power, and fun-to-drive nature of the BMW M6, it revs up to be a high-performance coupe unparalleled by many others.

Based on BMW’s 6 series, there’s no denying the fact that the BMW M6 is an astoundingly fast rear-wheel drive coupe. That and in all the stylishness that the 6 series can offer. With 560bhp, the 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 launches 0-60 in as short as 4.2 seconds. But with plenty of power for overtaking any speed, in truth, it really feels faster. So, as you can imagine, it is an accomplished cruiser in the motorway.

For those speed maniacs out there not content with the 4.2 seconds from 0-60, you can opt in for the Competition package to reduce that to less than 3.9 seconds. Also, you can have the option to raise the electronic speed limit from 155 mph to a roaring 189 mph if you equip it with the M Driver’s Package.

While the idea is that it is a standard coupe, the BMW M6 can be easily distinguished from the standard; thanks to its alloy wheels, flared wheel arches, aggressive body kits, and the M6’s badging and quad exhausts. Inside, though, you’ll ultimately feel the BMW build quality that you’d expect.

What You Need To Know About the BMW M6


The BMW M6 is powered by the 4.4-liter V8, rear-wheel-drive that has an output of 560hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. For the additional 15hp, the Competition package is available. Transmission comes in two options: the standard seven-speed automated manual transmission paired with shift paddles and the no-cost option six-speed manual. To conserve fuel at stoplights, the automatic stop-start engine is also standard.

Even if the car weighs almost two tons, it still handles brilliantly. Going 0-60 takes just 4.2 seconds and there’s the Competition package that’s always available if you want to go even faster.


By the power of the twin-turbocharged V8 engine, the BMW M6 surely won’t disappoint. In its sharpest performance settings, this convertible cum coupe roars and breathes fire that snarls and snorts the highway. But one need not be terrified with the acceleration; the refined stability control system got your back while making sure that it’s modulation in terms of power won’t take away the fun part of driving.

Whether you’re racing the highway like a speed maniac or just casually cruising down the town, the BMW M6 is such a joy to drive. The modifiable settings for steering, throttle response, and suspension settings adapt to whatever mood you are in.


The BMW M6, as you’d expect, comes full with the top-shelf luxury experience needed for the high-performance elements that the BMW coupe has to offer. Evident throughout is the expert craftsmanship by the Bavarian automaker that uses no less than rich materials to adorn the interior surface of the coupe. When driving, you can easily adjust the front seats whether you want a comfortable fit or have that racecar-like support when you tear up the asphalt with the BMW M6.

The classis analog gauges of the BMW M6 are generally straightforward and very easy to understand. To ensure that adjusting and controlling of the M6’s system remains nothing but convenient, there’s the iDrive interface. The top-up or top down feature also gives off notable differences when it comes to insulation; with the top up, the convertible doesn’t roar the same as competing coupes; while top down, there’s the glass rear window proven to be effective against wind, civilized conversations, and bad hair day.


For the all new BMW M6, there is an abundance of safety features that comes standard. These are hill-hold controls, antilock disc brakes, drying features, advanced standby systems, stability controls, traction controls, front-seat head restraints, and front-seat side airbags.

On both the coupe and the convertible, there is a standard rearview camera that’s easily integrated into the iDrive’s 10.2-inch touchscreen display. There is also the BMW Assist emergency communications system which provides on-demand roadside assistance and automatic crash notification, as well as the BMW Remote Services. For the latter, you can opt for the additional remote door unlocking and stolen-vehicle recovery. There is also the Driver Assistance Plus Package which includes a blind-spot monitor, camera system, and lane-departure warning system.


ENGINE TYPE: Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-8 4.4 L/268

HORSEPOWER: 560 @ 6000

TORQUE: 500 @ 1500

FUEL ECONOMY- 22/34 mpg

TRANSMISSION- 7-speed automatic manual



DRIVE TYPE: Rear Wheel Drive

TOP SPEED- 155mph

0-60MPH- 5.6 sec

Price: $108,350


The BMW M6 manages to blend the extraordinary performance and the aggressive design that the BMW enthusiasts need in a car. What’s more, they’re granted the opportunity to have either the coupe or the convertible—both with brutish power marked equally with a comfortable car.

Nothing is more powerful than the allure of a grand touring car. And surely it would be amiss if the BMW M6 does not fit the bill for that. The car’s sleek design, sumptuous luxury, and copious comfort features are just some features that you’d be getting from the BMW M6. Other than a myriad of standard features that makes the BMW M6 a revolutionary coupe cum convertible, the sensational power that it has to offer is one of its strongest points.

Other than performance itself, the BMW M6 has more to offer. It’s up to date with easy-to-use technology including the innovative iDrive feature. The comfort and quiet interior makes up an ideal combination for long road trips. There are ventilated and heated active seats that reduce the fatigue from your travels.

To encapsulate the grand features of an already grand car, the BMW M6 is a notable touring-oriented machine. Though the performance can be considered as one for tearing up asphalt, it’s more practical to put into use as a grand touring car.


√ Exceptionally powerful engine;

 Responsive dual-clutch automated manual transmission;

√ Wide range of comfort and performance settings;

Highly adjustable


× Feels big and heavy on tight roads;

× Cramped rear seats.

× Very expensive to buy and run,

× Ramped interior,

× Sheer size